How to Clean Up Docker On Windows

Every developer and Docker user know that when working with Docker in a non-production environment after some time, we end up too many images, containers and networks.

Last week I had to clean up my Docker 1709 environment after I ran out of disk space.

Just because of that, Today I will show you how to clean up your Docker environment and delete all Containers, Images networks and build cache.

Get started

To get started and view the status of my environment before clean-up, I will run the command below that will show me total number Containers, Images and used Disk space.

docker system df

To delete and clean up and environment I will run the command below

Docker system prune -a

And below you will see it in action

Now, when I run Docker Images there is nothing and I can start building my Dev environment


Using docker prune is a great tool for clean-up and refresh of a development environment in a simple and fast way.

this article was first published on DeployContainers.Com