How To Install Docker On Windows 10

In this blog post, I’ll show you how to install Docker on Windows 10 and run both Linux and Windows Containers.

Docker for Windows 10 uses Microsoft Hyper-V to spin both Linux and Windows Containers.



To run Docker on Windows 10 you will need a Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise or Education running version 1607 or above.

The installation provides Docker Engine, Docker CLI client, Docker Compose, Docker Machine, and Kitematic.

In my case, I’m using Windows 10 Enterprise Edition version 1703.


The first step In the installation is to enable Hyper-V of the Containers features.

To get go to Control Panel and select programs and features – > Turn Window Features On or Off

Select Hyper-V and Containers

When completed, restart the computer and download Docker For Windows 10 from the link below.

Docker Version

Select Stable or Edge version

Download and Install docker

Restart computer

When the computer starts, docker will start as well

To access docker open PowerShell or the command-line tool.

If you type docker version you will see that by default you can run Linux Containers

To switch to Windows Containers type the command or right-click on the docker app and click on Switch to Windows containers

Dockercli -SwitchDaemon

To download Windows Nano Server Container Image run the command below:

Docker pull microsoft/nanoserver

To run a Nano Server Container I’ll run the command line below:

Docker run micorosoft/nanoserver