Windows Server 2019 Preview Installation and Overview

Yesterday, I blogged about the preview release of Windows Server 2019 build and today I’ll show you how it looks and some of the new features.

Get Started

To get started I downloaded the preview build from the Windows Insider website and selected the LTSC build number 17623 as you can see below.

The Installation process Is the same as Windows Server 2016 so I won’t spend too much time showing you the steps.

Below you can see the Install options available (Core and GUI)

Task View Facelift

In the desktop Experience version, you will see that the Task View Icon has changed

The Windows Build number has changed as well and now starts with 17xxxx

Security Center

One of the big changes In Windows Server 2019 Is the added security features and the Security Center Screen that gives a great overview of the security state of the server.

Windows Subsystem for Linux

The Windows Subsystem for Linux will be available on Windows Server 2019 after almost a year In preview mode.

.NET Framework 4.7

The new .NET framework Is also packed Into Windows Server 2019 but at this stage .NET Core Is not available

About Long and Semi-Annual Channel

As Announced Back In early 2017, Windows Server will be available in two release modules.

  • Long-Term Servicing channel – This Is the current and most familiar module where a new operating system version is released every 2-3 years with 5 years support cycle.

    Windows Server 2019 will be released as part of the Long-Term Channel.

  • Semi-Annual Channel – This new module will offer two new releases every year with new features and roles, support will be available for 18 months.