Update Windows Servers using Project Honolulu

Following my coverage of Project Honolulu today I’ll show you how to patch managed Server using the Web Interface.

Project Honolulu

Web-Based management tool slimier to Server Manager on Windows Server that allows us to manage Windows Server and Windows 10.

At this stage Project, Honolulu Is preview mode however it’s already capable of doing 80% of all administrative task from the Web Interface.

Project Honolulu Is available as part of the Windows Server Insider program.

Get started

In my case, I have the latest Project Honolulu Build which Is and I’ll going to Install the latest Windows Update on my Windows Server 1709.

After login to Project Honolulu, In the search box, I’ll type Update and click on Windows Update

In available updates section, I’ll see all the available updates that are pending Installation.

To start the patching process, I have two options either start the Installation Immediately and restart when done or schedule it with a very granular option.

Update History

The Interface also offer the option to view update History and see what was Installed before and when

When I click Install updated the page will look the like the screenshot below

Update Settings

If I click on the Settings button I’ll have the options below

In the update Settings, I can select and choose how I want the updates to deliver and Installed

Once updates are Installed the notification button will notify me.


I have to say that patching Server using Project Honolulu In a much better experience compared the GUI Interface.

It also looks like the Windows Server team have added all the option to the Interface which makes 100% useable from the Web Interface.