Use Remote Desktop and PowerShell With Project Honolulu

In this blog post, I’ll show you how to use Remote Desktop and Remote PowerShell and manage Servers with Project Honolulu.

Project Honolulu

Web-Based management tool slimier to Server Manager on Windows Server that allows us to manage Windows Server 2012 + and Windows 10.

First released a few months ago before the release of Windows Server 1709.

At this stage, ProjectHonolulu Is preview mode however it’s already capable of doing 80% of all administrative task from the Web Interface.

Project Honolulu Is available as part of the Windows Server Insider program.

Latest Release

In the latest release of Project Honolulu (1712.05002) Microsoft enabled Remote Desktop and Remote PowerShell, Which gives us the ability to Remote Desktop and PowerShell the managed machines.

Get Started

In the example below, I have 3 machines that I manage using Project Honolulu and I’ll show you how I connect to them using Remote Desktop and PowerShell.

It’s important to note that they all Domain Joined.

To Remote Desktop to VDC01, I’ll access it from Project Honolulu and will check If Remote Desktop Is enabled, If not I can enable it directory from Project Honolulu.

I’ll click on Overview -> settings – > Remote Desktop

And I can enable or Disable Remote Desktop.

To Connect to VDC01 using Remote Desktop, I’ll click on Remote Desktop and the connection will start as you can see below

And now, you can see that I’m connected

Remote PowerShell

When it comes to Remote PowerShell, We don’t need to check If it’s enabled or not because Remote PowerShell Is enabled by default on Windows Server 2012 and above.

The only thing that Is required Is to type the password to login to the Server.

Below you can see that Remote Desktop and Remote PowerShell are available


It looks like the Windows Server team Is working very hard to make Project Honolulu the main Server Management tool In upcoming releases of Windows Server.

I also think that the success of Project Honolulu will determine how many organization will use Windows Server 1709.