How to Deploy a Static Web Site To Microsoft Azure App Services

In this blog post, I’ll show you how I deploy a static website to Microsoft Azure Web App Services.

This post comes after last week, one of my clients asked me to migrate a static website to Microsoft Azure Web App Service Infrastructure.

Azure App Services

App Services on Microsoft Azure offers us the ability to deploy.NET, PHP, Node.js and Payton Web Applications on Microsoft Azure.

The platform Is secure, reliable and allows Web Applications to easily scale up and down with options to deploy an application on Linux or Windows.

In my case, I’ve chosen Windows Hosting because the application Is suitable for Windows IIS Server and not Linux.

Get Started

From the  Azure Portal, I’ll click on App Services -> Add

Below, I’ll fill In the details for App Name, Resource Group and Service Plan (very Important)

To production the app I can’t use the free tier because It won’t allow me to use a custom domain, So I’ve selected the D1 plan to get started.

As you can see below, The scalability Is amazing


Once the application is running, I need to configure FTP access so I could load the web application files.

Form the New App, I’ll select Deployment Credentials where I’ll create an FTP user for FTP access

In the Deployment Credentials, I’ll type a username (must be unique In Azure) and password

To get the FTP Server details, I’ll click on Web App application overview and will copy the FTP hostname

As you can see below, My FTP user Is also listed.

Note: Make sure you use the webapp\users format In the FTP client

From my FTP client, I’ll connect and upload the Web App to Azure

Custom Domain

Next, I’ll create a custom Domain and will forward all the request to the Azure Web App Hostname (You will find On the Application Overview page)

Next, I’ll add the Domain by going to Custom Domains -> Add Hostname and follow the validation process

In the hostname filed I’ll type the domain and validate it

When done, The application will be accessible using the domain I added