We Have Moved to Windows Server 2016

This morning we moved NTWEEKLY.COM to a new Windows Server 2016 Server Farm hosted on Microsoft Azure.

In the last few months, we configured the Virtual Machines and MySQL backend and started the testing for the new move.


Our move to Microsoft Azure started a year ago when our hosting company couldn’t run our blog, we decided to make an emergency move to Azure over a weekend.

Because of the rush we and the fact that WordPress was not supported on Windows Server 2016, the blog was moved to Windows Server 2012.

Since then, we were busy with testing and moving our other blogs from our hosting partners to Microsoft Azure.

The move, exceeded all expectations and since then we didn’t have a single outage however because of the popularity of the blog we had to upgrade the VMs a few times to make sure load is under control.


We also changed the iconic Permalinks we had used on the blog to new “Pretty Permalinks” that looks like the example below:


We also use SSL on all pages for extra security and SEO optimization.

IIS 10

On the new server farm, NTWEEKLY.COM Is running on Windows Server 2016, 1607 (fully patched) and Internet Information Services (IIS 10)

WordPress And PHP

On the application level, We are running the latest WordPress edition which Is WordPress 4.9 and PHP 7.17.

Thank You

We would like to thank all our visitors, advertisers, partners and 1000+ subscribers for their support and feedback that help us make this blog better every day.

This year, we have broken another yearly record which marks 4 years of 100% growth year over year.

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  1. I saw your comment about SSL and looked at my address bar – HTTP. When I browsed to HTTPS it worked fine, but my newsletter email brought me to HTTP, and there wasn’t an HTTPS redirect. Just an FYI.

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