How to Set a Custom 404 Error Page On IIS 10

In this article, I’ll show you how to set a custom 404 page on IIS 10 running on Windows Server 2016.

Custom 404 page allows us to redirect users that are trying to access pages that don’t exist anymore, moved or renamed.

By default, IIS comes with a 404 page that displays a lot of technical details that are not relevant to the user that just trying to find something.

Below Is the default 404 page that comes with IIS 10.

To access the 404 Error page settings, click on the site you would like to enable it on and you will see the Error Pages icon.

Right click and click edit

I’ve created a simple 404 page for example and I called him 404.html , For production sites you can either create new page or use your Index page to redirect users to it.

Now that I have my page, I’ll edit the setting as seen below and I’ll click OK.

After clicking OK, Right click on the 404 error and click on Edit Feature Settings

Select Custom Error page

And next time someone tries to access no existed page they will be forwarded to the custom page