Use PowerShell Remote Tabs to Connect to Multiple Servers From ISE

In this article, I’ll show how to use PowerShell Remote Tabs and open remote connections to multiple Servers or computers directly from ISE.

Windows PowerShell ISE, is a great tool to write scripts and just to use instead of the console because it allows us to save cmdlet, code, and notes related to what we are doing.

If you are not using Remote Tab your entire ISE Is connected to the remote computer and In order to run another command on the local server you need to open another ISE window, Remote Tab fixes this Issue.

To start and remote tab, click on the Remote Tab Icon In the top ISE menu (Highlighted In Yellow below)

In the remote tab screen, Type the Server name and Users name

Note: If you keep the username blank PowerShell will pass the login details of the logged user

When you click connect, You will asked to provide the password to connect to the remote machine.

As you can see I have a connected Tab for my Domain Controller and a local PowerShell tab

And below, I have another remote tab connection to my Exchange Server

Inside the Remote Tab I can open multiple tabs