How to Use Paging in Windows PowerShell

In this article, I’ll show a very cool feature In Windows PowerShell that will make your life extremely easy when reading data from the console.

Using paging, PowerShell will display just enough rows that fit the size of the console and when you press space it will go to the next page.

To get started, I’ll run the cmdlet below to view all the files under c:\windows\system32

Get-ChildItem -Recurse | Out-Host -Paging

As you can see below, At the bottom screen you will see a paging option and If you click space you will see the next page

Paging Is great when locking for modules In PowerShell Gallery as you can see below.

Find-Module -Repository psgallery | Out-Host -Paging

We could also use the cmdlet alias oh -p as seen below

-ADUser -Filter * | select name, sid, surename | Oh -p