OPINION – The Future Of Windows Nano Server

Following the recent announcements, from Microsoft regarding Window Nano Server 2016 I wanted to try and analyze the changes that we are facing.

it’s not a secret that Window Nano Server Is the most Innovative product Microsoft has released In years with a rapidly growing user base.

Recently, Users were asking Microsoft to add more and more roles and services to Nano Server (Active Directory, Group Policy, etc) and essentially making It another full Server OS like Server GUI or Core.

For that reason, We have Server Core which ticks all the boxes for a light, Secure and easy to manage Infrastructure Server.

To Save Windows Nano Server 2016 from being another Server OS, Microsoft had to make a move and preserve the momentum of this great little Server.

By making Nano Server a Container only Operating System, Microsoft will be able to separate Nano Server from its legacy ancestors and focus on a new generation of Server Infrastructure Operating System for Cloud applications that were born In the Cloud.

Nano Server will open the door to an amazing Innovation In the new frontier of Cloud applications only,  that doesn’t rely on old legacy Server Infrastructure that holds legacy code.

for me, This step marks the same point In history Microsoft made with the release of Exchange Online, OneDrive, and the legendary Exchange Server 2010.

As I look at Windows Server 2016, I see a mature Server Operating System that reached an amazing Reliability,  Security,  Compute and features set that can’t evolve anymore In its current on-premises boundaries of Server Client world.

As we transition out from the Server Client world and Into the world of Mobile first Cloud First reality, Nano Server will help us get there and shape the new generation of developers and applications without the legacy boundaries of our old Infrastructure.