New Windows Server 2016 Features Announced

In the last two day at Microsoft Build, Microsoft announced major new and great features that will be ship In the coming months to Windows Server 2016.

The new features spanning all areas of Windows Server 2016 as follow.

Windows Server 2016 Joining Windows Insider

Coming this Summer, Windows Server 2016 will be part of Windows Insider which means new features for Windows Server will be released for Insiders that are part of the program.

New Nano Server 2016 Container optimized Image

With Nano Server 2016 being the fastest growing Windows Server edition ever, Microsoft Is set to release a new Nano Server 2016 Image specially optimized for Windows Containers with.NET 2.0 Core Support

Run Linux Containers on Windows Server 2016 Container Host

This feature has been on the top list of requested features for Windows Containers, this year we will be able to run Linux Container on Windows Container Host using Hyper-V isolation.

Container Orchestration

Add a new Network Interface to a running container and a shared network Interface between two Containers.

Container Storage

SMB file share support Inside a running container, with this new feature There Is no need to map a storage volume between the Container and the Container Host, All Containers will be able to use an SMB share on a SAN or on a File Server.