How To Install PowerShell 6.0 Beta Release

After 18 months of rapid development, the PowerShell team at Microsoft has released PowerShell version 6.

PowerShell 6.0 major change Is the fact that It’s based on  .NET Core 2.0 and also comes with telemetry enabled by default.

The beta release marks the 6th version of the legendary scripting and automation language by turning routine tasks that took hours to minutes and seconds.

Note: The new version will be Installed as a separate program and will not uninstall or override the existing version.

To get started, Download PowerShell 6.0 from the link below.

Start the Installation and follow the prompts (there Is no need to restart the machine or server when done)

When done, You will see the new version under programs

Click on the PowerShell 6.0 program

To view the build number type