How to Install WordPress On Windows Server 2016

In this article, I’ll show you how to Install WordPress on Windows Server 2016 which currently It’s not possible using The Web Platform Installer 5.0.

For some reason, the web Platform Installer 5.0 can’t Install the Windows Server Roles needed for WordPress to Install correctly.

Because of that, we need to Install the roles before we Install WordPress using the WPI.

I’ve created a very simple PowerShell Script that will Install all the needed roles and features need to complete the Installation.

To get started, Download the .CSV file below to your we Server


Copy it to your Web Server and Install It using the line below:

Import-Csv Roles.csv | foreach{Add-WindowsFeature $ }

One done, Restart Server.

When the server comes online, Start the WPI and Install WordPress






One response to “How to Install WordPress On Windows Server 2016”

  1. Pierre Avatar

    Hi, in the part where you stated using WPI, where do we use WPI?
    What location of the folder on Server 2016 .CSV file needed to be at (example: Download folder)?
    Power-shell Command didnt work. Does it need to be run as administrator?