How To Point A Windows Nano Server 2016 To WSUS Server

In this article, I’ll show you how I point my Windows Nano Server 2016 to a WSUS Server and download updates from WSUS and not from the Internet.

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Using WSUS with Nano Server 2016 will allow me to control, Align and standardize all my Nano Servers update.

To get started, I have my WSUS Server details and I’ll use a registry editor from a management machine to add the WSUS entries to the Nano Server.

Next, I’ll Open the Registry editor from the management machine using Regedit and connect to the Nano Server, using Connect Network Registry from the File menu

Once connected, I’ll go to


Next, I’ll Create two string values with the WSUS Server details as seen below:

Below, Are my WSUS Server

Once added, I’ll wait a few hours until my Nano Server checks for new settings.

To check the Windows Update logs on my Nano Server, I open Event Viewer on my management machine, connect to the Nano Server and open the Update log under Microsoft -> WindowsUpdateClient