How To Redirect HTTP To HTTPS WebSite With Microsoft IIS 7+ Web Server

In this article, I’ll show you how to redirect a WordPress blog or any other application that Is hosted on Windows IIS Server 7+ using HTTP to HTTPS.

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Back on August 06, 2014, Google announced that they will start to rank higher websites with HTTPS compare to a website using HTTP.

For many developers, Blogger, Site Owners, etc. It’s very important and could cause revenue and traffic loss, either way, according to Google HTTPS is the future and in the next few years, they will try to eliminate the use of HTTP.

At NTWEEKY.COM we are about to Implement SSL \ HTTPS on our blog in the next few months. For that reason, I wanted to show you how to move an existing IIS Web site from Http:// to https://.

The first step In the process Is to buy an SSL certificate, In my case, I’m using SSL2BUY.COM SSL Certificate.

Next, Import the SSL certificate to IIS using the Server Certificates menu on the Server level

Download and Install the URL-Rewrite Module for IIS from:

This Is an Official Microsoft Add-on extension to IIS that allows you to redirect existing sites that serve HTTP:// by default and redirects them to HTTPS://

Once you download the add-on Install and reopen IIS to load it

Once the add-on Is Installed, create an HTTPS:// binding on the Website to allow HTTPS:// traffic to access the website

Add HTTPS to the site binding using the IP address or Hostname and select the new Certificate

Next, Open the URL Rewrite Add-on from IIS and create the rule below:

Blank Rule

Any * pattern

Condition input {https} , pattern off, Ignore case

Action type Redirect, Redirect URL


Click apply and enable \ disable the rule from the Add-On right menu.

If you are using WordPress on Windows Server IIS 7+ you should change the URL under Settings to https:// from HTTP://






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    is there any way we can redirect with out using URL rewrite