3 Core IT Infrastructure Technologies You Should Master In 2017

After hitting my 890+ article this week. I decided to recap and outline the 3 Core technologies every IT Professional should know and Master In 2017.

A few weeks I have told you what you need to do to keep your job In 2017 and this article will help you build on the promise.

Core Technology # 1 – Nano Server 2016 – I have said It before and will say It again, Nano Server Is the future of Server Operating systems.

As we shift to headless servers, Low maintenance and Security aware deployments Nano Server tick all the boxes.

Core Technology # 2 – Docker – Recently I read that the job market for Docker Is up a massive 23803.95%.

To tell you the truth I’m not surprised, It takes less than 30 seconds to deploy a fully functioning windows Server 2016 Container using Docker.

How long does It take to deploy a new functioning VM?

Core Technology # 3 – Azure Active Directory – Azure Active Directory PowerShell Module has been released recently (version 2) with 144 cmdlets.

Version 2 allows you configure devices, Users, application, etc and comes with search string functionally.

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