14 Things You Need To Know About VMware vSphere 6.5

With the release of VMware vSphere 6.5, I have decided to write a short article with all the new features and changes In V6.5 release.

The main headline \ Theme of V6.5 Is vCenter Server appliance (VCSA) and the fact that It’s the recommended vCenter Server deployment.

VMware is not recommending to use Windows Server vCenter Server because features that available In the appliance are not available on Windows Server.

Below I have listed some of the new features that I think you should know about:

    1. vSphere update manager Included In VCSA only
    2. VCSA comes with Embedded DB
    3. VCSA has Exclusive features like HA Solution without DB clustering when Installing on Windows Server
    4. Improved vCenter monitoring with built In monitoring of CPU , RAM, and Disk usage
    5. Native Backup and restore of VCSA
    6. Easy migration from 5.5 or 5.0 to 6.5 Including historical and performance data
    7. New HTML5 Web Client, No need for browser plugins to Install
    8. 300+ Hosts support
    9. Who, what , when and How Actionable Logging on any object on vSphere
    10. VM Encryption and management using Storage Policies applied to VMDK and VM
    11. VMs also use encryption when vMontion to another host
    12. VM Restart Priorities – Two new Restart Priorities added Highest and lowest
    13. Proactive HA for Hosts with HP Insight Manager , Dell OpenManage and Cisco UCS Manager
    14. Network-Aware DRS – Avoids moving VMs to a host with oversubscribed network