Get-ComputerInfo – All Server Info Using A Single PowerShell 5.1 Cmdlet

In this article I’ll show how you could find everything you need to know about your server and more In a single PowerShell 5.1 cmdlet.

I have to say that I’m Impress by this cmdlet that I have decided to write about this because you simply use a single cmdlet to find everything you need to know about the Server.

This cmdlet can tell you:

  • Logon Server
  • Bios Type
  • OS Information
  • Build Information
  • Time Zone
  • OS Uptime
  • CPU Info
  • Server Edition
  • And so much more Information.

Before you start, You will need to Install PowerShell 5.1 from Microsoft.

To get all the Info, Just type the cmdlet below:


Once you have all the Info you could only look for specific things using the -Property switch as shown below (Display only Bios Information)

Get-ComputerInfo -Property bios*

To get O/S Information

Get-ComputerInfo -Property "os*"

O/S Build

Get-ComputerInfo -Property *osbuild*

To find out logon Server use

Get-ComputerInfo -Property logonserver