Install Nano Server 2016 Roles \ Packages From Nano Server Installation Media

Today I’ll show you how I’m Installing Packages on My Windows Nano Server 2016 Server using the packages that comes with the Nano Server Installation media and without using the Nano Server Package provider.

This Is useful If the Nano Server has no access to the Internet.

To get started I open the Windows Server 2016 Nano Server folder located In the ISO Image and called NanoServer

Go to Packages and copy the Package you are after Including the language package located In en-US folder.

Next I paste the package to my Nano Server c:\

As you can see below I copied the two files to the c:\Install folder on my Nano Server

Next I’ll connect to my Nano Server using PowerShell and run the line below to Install the package:

Dism.exe /online /Add-Package /PackagePath:c:\install\

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