How To Install Offline Roles On Windows Nano Server 2016

In this article I’ll show how to Install Nano Server Roles and Packages without Internet connection on Windows Nano Server 2016.

In order to achieve this In the first step I’ll download the Role \ Package, Once downloaded I the package can be copy to a Nano Server 2016 without Internet access and Install.

Before you start make sure you:

First step I’ll search for the package I want to save using:


In my case I’ll save Windows Defender Package:

Save-NanoServerPackage -Name Microsoft-NanoServer-Defender-Package -Culture en-us -Path C:\Saved_packages

To Install the package from the Saved file I use:

Dism.exe /online /Add-Package /PackagePath:c:\Saved_packages\

Restart the server and check Installed packages using:

Import-PackageProvider NanoServerPackage

Get-Package -ProviderName NanoServerPackage | select Name,Version