Patch Nano Server 2016 Like A Pro With 3 Easy PowerShell Scripts

This article will show you how I patch my Windows Nano Server 2016 Server using 3 easy scripts.

I used those scripts recently for a client update job and the result was amazing.

The process Is built from 3 scripts:

  1. SCAN_UPDATES.PS1 – Check for updates
  2. INSTALL_UPDATES.PS1 – Install available updates
  3. CHECK_INSTALLED_UPDATES.PS1 – Check Installed updates

To start, First connect to your Nano Server using:

Next copy the scripts to your Nano Server or use PSedit to create and copy:

Once connected check for updates using script 1:

If updates available run script #2 to Install them:


$ci = New-CimInstance -Namespace root/Microsoft/Windows/WindowsUpdate -ClassName MSFT_WUOperationsSession

Invoke-CimMethod -InputObject $ci -MethodName ApplyApplicableUpdates

Restart-Computer; exit

Once done, I run script number #3 to check for Installed updates

Download Scripts (change .TXT to .PS1: