Exchange Server 2016 CU2 Error – New-PSSession: Cannot find path ” because it does not exist.

Today I came across an Exchange Server 2016 CU2 error when trying to connect to Exchange Server using Exchange Management Shell (EMS).

After looking at this Issue It looks like a DNS Issue and for now I managed to find a work around.

To be able to connect to Exchange Shell using PowerShell and not EMS, Simply open the PowerShell Console on the server and type the cmdlet below:

Add-pssnapin *exch*





6 responses to “Exchange Server 2016 CU2 Error – New-PSSession: Cannot find path ” because it does not exist.”

  1. Marcus Avatar

    This is likely caused by Powershell 5 being installed on the server.
    Uninstalling Windows Management Framework 5 fixed my issue

  2. Mark Jr Avatar
    Mark Jr

    Good evening,

    I found a resolution to this issue and it’s fairly convoluted. The issue is due to an incompatibility with Windows Management Framework 5.0. You can verify this by running (from PowerShell):
    Get-HotFix -id KB3134758
    Get-HotFix -id KB3134759
    Get-HotFix -id KB3134760

    If any of these are installed, it will cause EMS to fail on both Exchange 2013 and Exchange 2016. If you locate one of these packages, you can remove it by the respective command below:

    cmd.exe /c wusa.exe /uninstall /KB:KB3134758 /quiet /norestart
    cmd.exe /c wusa.exe /uninstall /KB:KB3134759 /quiet /norestart
    cmd.exe /c wusa.exe /uninstall /KB:KB3134760 /quiet /norestart

    Immediately after removing the patch, re-launch EMS and it will connect appropriately.

    Hope this helps someone!

  3. Rob Salome Avatar
    Rob Salome

    This saved my live KB3134758 was installed after deinstall EMS worked again

  4. Mark Jr. Avatar
    Mark Jr.

    It should be noted my Uninstall Syntax may be a bit off. I’ve adjusted it to:

    cmd.exe /c wusa.exe /uninstall /KB:3134758 /quiet /norestart
    cmd.exe /c wusa.exe /uninstall /KB:3134759 /quiet /norestart
    cmd.exe /c wusa.exe /uninstall /KB:3134760 /quiet /norestart

    You may need to reboot the server after uninstall — your mileage may vary.

  5. Mike S. Avatar
    Mike S.

    Thanks very much for posting this. It saved me hours of troublshooting. I had the same problem and the removal of KB 3134758 fixed it for me.

  6. Ray L. Avatar
    Ray L.

    Thank you very very much. I have been struggling with this since KB3134758 was installed in Dec-2017. You rock!