Check Nano Server 2016 NTP Server Configuration

After completing my Nano Server 2016 File Server series today I’m starting a new series of articles about how to Configure and Manage NTP time server configuration on Nano Server 2016 or on Windows Server 2012 and above.

To get started with Nano Server and NTP configuration first set the correct time zone, Once done you will need to open UDP port 123 on your firewall to allow the Server to connect to external time source.

In this article I’ll show you how to check the current NTP Server configuration.

To check to current time zone configured type:

W32tm /tz

To check the time and date I type:


To check If the Service Is running I use:

Get-Service W32Time

The next thing you want to set or check Is If your Windows Time Service Is set to auto start with Windows, to set it I use the cmdlet below:

Set-Service w32time -StartupType automatic

To check the current configuration, type the cmdlet below (make sure you use Run as Administrator)

w32tm /query /configuration

Below you can see my current NTP Server

To check the status \ updates I type:

W32tm /query /status /verbose

To check the time Server Source, I use:

w32tm /query /source

To monitor my time server connection, I type:

W32tm /monitor