How To Run Windows Server Containers In Microsoft Azure

This article will be the first In a series of how to Deploy, Run and Manage Windows Server Containers In Microsoft azure using Dockers engine.

what are Containers ?

  1. Server Containers are Isolated, portable and resource controlled windows or Linux servers.
  2. To run Windows Containers you need a Container host to host all the Containers.
  3. The management of the containers Is done using software called Docker Engine which is CLI based and Is loaded a module to PowerShell.

In this post I’ll setup a container host running Windows Server 2016 TP4 Server Core running In Windows Azure.

To start I go the Azure Portal and select a New Virtual Machine and type containers and Select the VM template below

I configure the VM

Start the VM.

Once I log In the VM I open PowerShell and type the line below to Install the docker Engine

wget -OutFile Update-ContainerHost.ps1


That’s It for now, The basic setup Is in place and In the next article I’ll show you how to use Docker and create a Windows Containers.