Install Microsoft Azure PowerShell 1.3

With the release of Microsoft Azure 1.3 PowerShell module Yesterday I wanted to show you how to Install the Azure PowerShell Module.

The new PowerShell module automatically Install all the necessary cmdlets to manage all your Azure assets.

In this article I’ll use the most advanced Installation method which Is the fastest and also the simplest.

I’ll use the online Installation method via PowerShell Gallery from the PowerShell console.

To start, Open PowerShell and use Run As Administrator

Make sure you have Internet connection and type:

Find-module AzureRM

As you can see below the latest version Is 1.3.0

To Install the module type:

Install-Module AzureRm

Once completed you can check the Azure PowerShell Version by using the cmdlet below:

Get-Module -ListAvailable -Name AzureRM -Refresh

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