6 Things You Must Know About Microsoft Azure Resource Manager

Last month Microsoft released a new Service that will replace the old \ classic Cloud Services service In Microsoft.

If you are using Microsoft Azure you need to know about this and maybe utilise it when deploying new workloads \ applications to Microsoft Azure.

So what Is Resource Manager?

Resource Manager allows you to group all the services and resources that related to one application or service In one logical group that combine all compute, storage, network and services together which allows you to easily maintain, update and delete.

Below I gathered a few key things you need to know about Azure Resource Manager:

  1. Resource Group Is the replacement of the Cloud Services feature In the classic Microsoft Azure Portal
  2. Resource Manager Uses a cmdlet module called AzureRM.Resources the cmdlet Is form with *-AzureRM* you can see It In action here.
  3. The Resource Manager Module Is Included with the Azure PowerShell 1.0 Install
  4. Resource Manager comes with a built-in Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and automatically logs user actions that you can view under Audit Log In the new Azure Portal
  5. You can create custom Templates using JSON
  6. You can Tag recourse and use than for billing purposes

Below you can see the old Cloud Services Service

And This Is the New one