9 Things You Must Know About Windows Server 2016

With the release of windows Server 2016 looming and getting closure I decided to right the 9 feature you must know before the release and prepare for them.

Windows Server 2016 Includes many new feature but the list below will summarise the most important ones.

  1. Nano Server – A cut down version (400 MB ) of a very thin Windows Server 2016
  2. Built In Antimalware – By default your Windows Server 2016 will be loaded with a built-in antimalware software
  3. Windows Containers – Run your applications In Isolated operating systems but only use a single file system.
  4. Azure Active Directory Join – With windows Server 2016 you can use Azure AD to join BYOD devices to your corporate domain or add mobile devices to your domain and allow them to access organizational resources.
  5. Hyper-V – Hyper-V has a very long list of new features which Include Nested Virtualization , Linux Secure Boot, Add resources while the VM Is running, PowerShell Direct which allow to connect to a VM directly from the host without any networking, Storage QoS and many more.
  6. PowerShell Copy – Copy files between machines using remote powerShell session’
  7. PowerShell 5 – New features and cmdlet and a new ISE console
  8. Cluster Services – With Server 2016 you can upgrade a Windows Server 2012 R2 to Server 2016 without stopping the workloads, Storage replication, Cloud Witness and more.
  9. Remote Desktop Services – Pen remoting support (Use surface Pro 3 pen In RDS session), Personal session desktop.