Deploy Starter GPOs Windows Server 2012

This post will show you how to deploy and use Starter GPOs In Windows server 2012.

Starter GPOs provides a collection of basic GPO settings that can be attached newly created GPOs.

In essence the Starter GPOs are like templates that baseline all GPO In the organization.

Once you create the starter GPO with the basic settings you can then create a new GPO based on the basic settings and add new settings to it.

To create a Starter GPO open GPMC and click on Starter GPO’s -> Create Starter GPO Folder

In the Starter GPOs folder right click and select new and name the GPO

Right click on the newly created GPO and click on edit

Once enabled you will see a new folder called StarterGPOs under the SYSVOL folder

To attach the Starter GPO to a new Policy right click on the domain and click Create a GPO in this domain

Name the GPO and In the Source Starter GPO select the Starter GPO created before