Backup And Restore Group Policy Windows Server 2012

This blog post will show how to backup and restore a Group Policy Object (GPO) using the GPO management console and PowerShell.

To back up a GPO open the GPO management console and go to Group Policy Objects:

Click on the GPO you need to backup and right click on it -> Back up

Select location and click on Back Up

Click OK

Backup GPO using PowerShell

To use PowerShell type:

Backup-GPO -Name “Desktop Icon” -path c:\GPOBackups

Restore GPO from Backup

To restore a GPO from backup right Click on the GPO and click on Restore from Backup

Restore a GPO using PwerShell

Restore-GPO -Name “Desktop Icon” -Path c:\GPOBackup

To Restored a Deleted GPO

Right click on Group Policy Objects and type Managed Backup