Install SSL Certificates In Exchange Server 2013

This KB will show you how to request a new certificate for Exchange Server 2013 and Install It on two Exchange servers.

If you are after Exchange Server SSL certificate my recommendation Is  to use SSL2BUY.COM


To get started, open Exchange EAC and go to certificates

Select one of the Exchange CAS servers from the drop-down box and click on the Plus sign.

Type the name of the certificate ( In my case I’m using Wildcard Certificate).

Select a server to store the cert on

Select a path to store the certificate

If you are using a Local CA go to the CA Web enrolment page (In my case I’m using Microsoft CA).

Click Request a certification

Click on Advanced

Click on the second option

Paste the request to the text box and select Web Server as the Certificate Template and click on Submit

When done, download the Certificate

Go back to Exchange Server EAC

Click on the Certificate

And from the Right menu select Complete to co

Select the certificate downloaded from the CA

Next, I’ll assign services to the certificate.

Select the certificate and click on edit

Select Services

Next, I need to Install the certificate on my second Exchange server, for this, I’ll need to export the certificate and Import It to the second server.

To export certificate, Select Server from the extended menu select Export Exchange Certificate

Save certificate

Now select the second server and use the Import option

Type certificate path

Select Server

Select Services