SQL Server 2012 Editions

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 comes in 3 main editions, two testing \ developers editions and one free edition.

The SQL datacentre edition has been cancelled and new BI version has been added.

Edition Details
Enterprise High Availability, large scale datacentres and data warehouse, max number of cores ,AlwaysOn , Unlimited Virtualization
Standard Good for small and SMB deployments, support up to 16 cores, basic High Avaliablity with only two nods, Up to 4 CPU and 64GB Ram, One VM
Business Intelligence BI functions like reporting and Analytics, Power View, PowerPivot, Max number of cores for BI processing all standard edition functions
Developer All enterprise edition functionality but can be used only for development and testing
Web For service providers that host clients internet facing websites, support 4 CPU and 64GB of RAM
Express Free, One CPU, 1GB RAM, and 10GB  Storage


Note: The new Enterprise Edition is similar to the old Datacentre edition in SQL 2008