Question: How To Upgrade VMware vCenter 4.1

This article will show you how to upgrade your Vmware vCenter Server 4.1 to a newer version.

In this article I’ll upgrade vCentre 4.1 U1 to 4.1 U2.

Before you start please take a backup of your vCenter Database, during the upgrade your ESXi vCenter agent will be upgraded as well.

The upgrade takes around 15-20 minutes.

First download the upgrade file from the VMware website.

Start the installation


Select upgrade

Select If you want the hosts agent to be upgraded as well.


Leave this as it is

As you can see the SQL DB will be upgraded as well


After the upgrade when you will try to log in to the server vCenter will ask you to update the Vclient.

Finish the upgrade and log on the vCenter.