Question: How To Create An iSCSI Target On Microsoft iSCSI Target – Part 2

In order for client to connect to your iSCSI Target you will need to do some configuration that will expose the storage Targets to the clients.

This process involved two actions, First is to create a Virtual Disk device (LUN), which is a Virtual Disk and the second step is to create a Target for the clients to connect to the Virtual Disk.

Create Storage

This is the path to the storage unit.

Specify the size of the disk


Click next and Finish in the next screen.

You can see the target now.

Create iSCSI Target

The iSCSI target is the Target will link the Client to the storage unit (Virtual Disk) we created before.

Give it a name which will make sense.

Here you can specify which of your server can connect to this Target. You can do it later as well, Click Next and Finish.

To configure the other settings, Open the properties of the new Target

Go to Virtual Machine and add the Disk that we created before.

Select it

Now we need set which Client can connect to the Target, Go to the iSCSI Initiators and add and type the IQN of your Client.