Question:How To Backup And Restore Exchange Server 2010 Using Windows Server Backup

Answer:  When installing Exchange Server 2010 on a Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2008 R2 we can use the Windows backup application to Backup Exchange Server 2010.

When using the Windows back remember the following limitations:

  • The WSB (windows server backup) can only perform volume level backup
  • There is no incremental or differential backup option
  • The backup file can only be saved to a volume that is not part of the backup job
  • There is no Exchange backup option you will have to Backup the entire volume that Exchange server installed including log, database and software directory.

Important: If you are using DAG make sure you switchover all databases to the mailbox server you taking the backup on, WBS can backup active copies of the DB.

To Back and Restore Exchange Server 2010 using Windows Server Backup follow the steps below:

Step 1: Install Windows Server Backup:

First we need to install Windows Server Backup feature.

Open Server Manager -> Features -> Add Features

Click Add Features

Select Windows Server Backup Features and tick the box next to it to install the feature.

Click Finish when done.

Step 2: Bckup Exchange Server 2010 Using Windows Server Backup:

Open WSB

In WSB click on Backup Once

Select Different options

Select Custom and Next

Click on Add Items

Select all the drives Exchange Server logs, mailboxes and program files are located on.

Remember that you can’t store the backup on the drive you going to backup.

Backup file needs to be stored either on a network drive or a separate volume.

In my case, all the Exchange files, logs and DB are on the same drive.

In the Advanced settings you can set the VSS options.

Select Destination type and location.

Wait for the backup to finish, note that it can take some time.

Step 3: How Restore Exchange Server 2010 backup using Windows Server Backup:

Open WSB and click on Recover.

Select the location the backup is located.

Select Date and time

To restore Exchange Server backup select applications.

Select the recovery settings.

Click revover.

Wait for the restore to Finish and test.