Question:How To Renew The Exchange Server 2007 Self Signed Certificate

Answer: In Exchange Server 2007 the defualt self signed certificate is only valid for one year after the server installation.

With Exchange server 2007 SP2 when you renew the certificate it extanded to five years, however many Exchange Server 2007 administrators don’t know it and people are starting to complain about a certificate error when loging to OWA or using outlook.

This article will show you how to renew the Exchange Server 2007 Self signed certificate for five years , please note that this can also be used on Exchange Server 2010 if needed.

To renew the Exchange Server 2007 Self Signed Certificate follw the steps below:

Go to your CAS sever and open the Exchange management shell

In the Shell type:

Get-exchangecertificate and write down the long number string under Thumbprint

To see all the certificate information type:

Get-exchangecertificate | fl

To renew the certificate type the following command and don’t forget to type the Thumbprint string from the first step.

Get-exchangecertificate <thumbprint> |new-certificate

Confirm the change.

After you type the command don’t forget to enable the certificate.

Enable-exchangecertificate <thumbprint>

Finally you can check if the certificate was renewed by going to OWA and checking the expiration date.

You can read more about this here: