Question: How To Enable Exchange 2010 Anti Spam Feature

;Answer: In Exchange 2007 Microsoft introduce a new and free Anti Spam feature that protect Exchange server.

After using the tool with Exchange 2007 I have to say that its doing a great job and it is highly recommended to use it.

By default the Anti-Spam feature is enabled if you are using an edge server if not you have to enable it before using it.

To enable the anti-Spam, follow the steps below:

Log in to your Exchange hub server, Open the Exchange shell and type the following command:

Set-transportserver –identity ‘your exchange hub server name’ –antispamagentsenables $true

Set-transportserver –identity ‘ex2010cas’ –antispamagentsenables $true

After the commands run successfully, restart the Microsoft
Transport service (this can be done using PowerShell)

To view the new Anti-Spam feature, Open Exchange EMS -> Server Configuration -> Hub Transport and you will see the Anti-Spam Tab.

Let’s enable the Anti-Spam updates.

Go to Exchange EMS -> Server Configuration -> Hub Transport and in the Right Action Menu Click on Enable Anti-Spam Updates.

Fill in the information.

To view all the anti-Spam options use the anti-spam option menu at:

Exchange EMS -> Organization Configuration -> Hub Transport and click on Anti-Spam Tab.