Backup Cisco configuration file to TFTP server

How to install a TFTP server and backup the config file to the TFTP server.

In order to backup your Cisco router running configuration to a TFTP server you will need a TFTP server in place which I’ll tell you how to install and configure it.

1. Download and install a TFTP server, I used a free TFTP server called SolarWinds Free TFTP Server which you can download from here.

2. Install the software on a server that the routers can ping
3. On the TFTP software installed Click File -> Configure and start the TFTP server.
4. On the router type:
RT01#copy run tftp
Address or name of remote host []? (Type the TFTP server Address)
Destination filename [ch-col-e1-confg]? Filename (name the backup file)
3143 bytes copied in 0.572 secs (5495 bytes/sec)