Graph API User.SendMail Shows System.Object[]

When sending emails using the Graph API PowerShell module with a variable in the Body property, the email body shows System.Object[].

In the example code, I’m using Graph PowerShell to send an email

$params = @{
          message = @{
          subject = Message Subject" 
          body = @{
              contentType = "text"
              content = $output                                   
                 toRecipients = @(
                                  emailAddress = @{
                                  address = "Email Here"
     saveToSentItems = "false"
Send-MgUserMail -UserId $userId -BodyParameter $params


The reason the Body property shows System.Object[] is because it’s expected to receive a string.

To fix the issue, add | out-string to the value in the content property, as shown below.

content = $output  | Out-String 

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