Get Azure Resource ID with Azure PowerShell

In this blog post, we will explore how to use Azure PowerShell to get the resource ID of an Azure resource.

Azure PowerShell is a powerful command-line interface for managing and automating tasks in Azure. One common task is identifying the resource ID of an Azure resource, which is a unique identifier for each resource in Azure.

Before getting started, you need to connect to your Azure account using Azure PowerShell. To connect, open the Azure PowerShell command prompt and run the following command:


Get All

To create a list containing all the ResourceIDs of all resources within your Azure subscription, execute the following cmdlet.

Get-AzResource | ft name, resourcetype, resourceid

Get Specific ResourceID

The cmdlet below will return the resource ID of the Azure KeyVault resource.

(Get-AzResource -ResourceType Microsoft.KeyVault/vaults  -Name keyvault001 ).ResourceId

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