Deploy EXE App With Intune – Part 2

Following our previous blog post on packaging an EXE application and deploying it to Intune-managed machines today, we will show the last step of the process.

If you missed the previous post, you can find it here.

Deploy App

To deploy a Win 32 application, open the Endpoint Manager portal and go to.

Apps -> Windows -> Apps -> Add

In the Select app screen, select Windows app (Win32)

In the Add App screen, click Select app package file and select the .intunewin file.

Follow the configuration steps and add the install and uninstall command the app uses for a silent install.

Note: You will find these commands in the application documentation.

In our case, we are packaging the Snagit application.

Set the desired details on the operating system architecture page and continue with the assignments.

At this stage, you only have to wait for the application to be deployed to clients.

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