Change OneDrive Default Storage Limit PowerShell

This Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online blog post will show how to change the default storage limit on OneDrive using PowerShell.

By default, every provisioned user on OneDrive gets 1GB of storage. For some organisations, this limit is not enough. For that reason, Microsoft gives us the option to change the default limit.

In this post, I will use PowerShell to change the default limit.

OneDrive PowerShell

Behind the scenes, OneDrive for Business is SharePoint Online and to manage OneDrive using PowerShell. We need to install the SharePoint Online modules.

To install and use the modules, you need a Windows machine with PowerShell 5.1 (PowerShell 7 is not supported).


Open your PowerShell console and run the following cmdlet to install the module.

Install-Module -Name Microsoft.Online.SharePoint.PowerShell


To connect to SharePoint Online, run the following cmdlet. Make sure you set your tenant name.

Connect-SPOService -Url

Set Storage Limit

To set a storage limit, run the following cmdlet. The minimum size is 1GB, and the maximum is 5GB (I need to use MB in the cmdlet).

In the example below, I set a default limit of 2000MB (almost 2GB).

Set-SPOTenant -OneDriveStorageQuota 2000