Find The IP Address of a Kubernetes Pod With Kubectl

Do you need to know the IP address of the Kubernetes pod? Kubernetes is an open-source platform for container orchestration.

Kubernetes manages containers and cluster resources, such as CPU and memory. Kubernetes also provides service discovery, load balancing, and a fully-featured API server which can be accessed via command line or programmatically by applications running in other containers.

Kubernetes pods are groups of one or more co-located Docker containers that provide a single interface for your application’s microservice architecture. This blog post will teach you how to find the IP address of the Kubernetes pod with the Kubectl command!

Find IP

In order to find the IP address of a Kubernetes pod, you can use the Kubectl command-line tool. First, run the command below and copy the pod’s name to find its IP address.

kubectl get pods

Once you have the pod name, run the following command. In my case, the pod name is server-deployment-f66b6c774-bwxqp

kubectl get pod server-deployment-f66b6c774-bwxqp  -o,IP:status.podIP

Below is the output of the command, and you can also see the pod’s IP address.