Update Docker Desktop With Winget

Updating Docker Desktop updates is critical for managing containerized applications, producing bug-free code and avoiding security vulnerabilities.

The Windows Package Manager is a powerful tool for managing packages on Windows 10, with a command-line tool and several services that may be used to install programs.

To install Docker Desktop on a Windows 10 or Windows 11 using Winget visit the blog post.

Check current version

To get started, let’s start with first checking for the currently installed Docker Desktop, and there is a newer version available via Winget.

winget list docker

As you can see in the screenshot below, the currently installed version is 4.1.1, and there is a newer version available for install (4.2.0).


To update to the latest version using Winget, I will run the following command.

PS C:\> winget install Docker.DockerDeskto --silent 

The best thing about Winget is that it allows us to update applications using the command line and automate the process and repeat it.