Upgrade Machines to Windows 11 With Intune

In this blog post, we will discuss how to upgrade machines from Windows 10 to Windows 11 using Microsoft Intune.

In today’s business world, organizations of all sizes are considering the benefits of a mobile workforce. In order for their businesses to run smoothly and efficiently, they need workers to have access to company data and applications wherever they go — even if they do not have company-owned devices. This is where Intune comes in.

Intune, Microsoft’s cloud-based device management service, can help organizations better manage mobile deployments while staying within their budgetary constraints using smart tools and features. One of the features that make it an attractive solution for companies is its ability to support Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Before pushing the upgrade to machines make sure the machines support Windows 11.

Feature Update

Microsoft Intune allows us to upgrade enrolled Windows 10 machines to Windows 11 using Feature updates for Windows 10 and later.

You will find it in the Endpoint Manager console under Devices -> Feature updates for Windows 10 and later.

From the Feature, page click on Create profile.

Fill in the Name of the policy, description and select Windows 11 from the Feature update to deploy.

Add the machines you would like to add to the policy using the Assignments section and complete the wizard. As always, try the policy on one test machine before applying it to all users.