Find a File in a Directory With PowerShell

This PowerShell post will show how to search and find a file inside a directory with a PowerShell foreach statement.


The main idea behind this post is to learn how to use the foreach statement to go over several items and use an if statement to find a specific item.

In the following code, I have a directory that contains several files that I am searching for a specific file.

In the first line of code, I am loading the directory path into an array variable called folder. In the second line, I use a foreach statement to loop over the items (files). The if statement compares each item (files) to the file’s name that I’m looking for.

$folder = Get-ChildItem  -path "c:\code\files" 
foreach($item in $folder){

  if($item -like "file1.txt"){
     "File found"

Using the above code, you can add an else statement or operations that will run due to a find or not find action.

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