List All SharePoint Online Sites and Size With PowerShell

In this SharePoint Online and PowerShell blog post, we will learn how to list all the active SharePoint Online sites and the size of each one using PowerShell.

Install SharePoint Online PowerShell Module

Before we start, we need to install the SharePoint Online PowerShell module, which only works on a Windows machine with PowerShell 5.1.

Note: SharePoint Online PowerShell module doesn’t work on Linux or macOS with PowerShell 7.

To install the module, run the following command on a PowerShell 5.1 console.

Install-Module -Name Microsoft.Online.SharePoint.PowerShell

Connect to SharePoint Online using PowerShell

Now, let go ahead and connect to our SharePoint Online administration site using PowerShell. For this step, you will need to know your tenant name.

Run the following command using your tenant name (Change YOURTENANTNAME with your real M365 tenant name)

Connect-SPOService -Url 

List All Sites and Size

We are ready to run or cmdlet and generate a report of all our sites and sizes at this stage.

Get-SPOSite | select title, StorageUsageCurrent, url | ft -autosize

If you would like to get all the details of an individual site, run the following cmdlet with the site’s URL.

Get-SPOSite -Identity -Detailed | fl