Promote a Member Server to Be a Domain Controller With Ansible

In this blog post, we will learn how to promote a Windows server, member server to be a domain controller using Ansible.

The reason Ansible is a good tool to manage Windows server and Active Directory is that everything is documented and can be tracked easily compared to using PowerShell scripts.


The following playbook will promote a Windows member server to be a domain controller in an existing forest. Make sure that the service account that you are using is a member of the Enterprise Admins group, Scheme Admins and Domain Admins. You also need to provide the username, domain name and password of the user.

- name: "Promote to DC"
  hosts: memberservers
    - name: "Setup DC"
         dns_domain_name: corp.enterprise.local
         domain_admin_user: ansible@corp.enterprise.local
         domain_admin_password: password
         safe_mode_password: password
         state: domain_controller

The result will see the server become a domain controller. The process should take a few minutes.