Convert Multiple Office 365 Exchange Online Mailboxes to Shared Mailboxes PowerShell

In this blog post, I will show you how to convert multiple Office 365, Exchange Online mailboxes to Shared mailboxes using PowerShell.

Shared Mailboxes

In-Office 365, shared mailboxes cost nothing and they are free of charge.

In many organizations, user mailboxes of employees that left are converted to shared mailboxes in case they will be needed in the future.


To convert multiple mailboxes, I will use a CSV and an Exchange Online PowerShell cmdlet to convert the mailboxes.


The CSV file content looks like the following example:




The Exchange Online cmdlet is shown below:

Import-Csv 'users.csv'|`
Set-Mailbox $_.mailboxaddr -Type shared

To complete the process, create a CSV file using the above format, add the email addresses, connect to Exchange Online and run the command.