Set The Time Zone On Windows Server 2019 Core With PowerShell

In this blog post, I will show you how to change the time zone settings on a Windows Server 2019 Core using PowerShell.

Windows Server Core 2019

The core version of Windows Server comes without the desktop experience (GUI) and offer a light and more secure operating system that requires less patching and management.

Use PowerShell

Before we run the PowerShell cmdlet and set the time zone, we need to first find the name of our time zone.

We do it, using the following PowerShell cmdlet, so find your time zone in the list and copy it.

Get-TimeZone –ListAvailable | ft

To set your time zone, run the following cmdlet with the time zone name from the above section.

Set-TimeZone -Id "AUS Eastern Standard Time"

Use sconfig

We can also use the built it sconfig utility which is built into the OS.

From Windows Server core console, type sconfig and type 9 to enter the date and time menu.

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